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Mr. DuBose,

I used your mock interviews before going to my first and only interview. I also used all of your free videos on youtube. I got into my school of choice on my first attempt. Your information is invaluable and the price was very inexpensive. Thank you very much for taking the time to put all of these videos together. You have changed my life

—-S. Garcia


Morning Dave,

Great news! I have been accepted into Howard PA Program for Fall 2013. Praise the Lord!!!! I am so thankful for all your help with the interview process. The Mock Interview made all the difference! I am going to PA school



I got accepted to Chatham University’s PA program! After 2 interviews, and no luck, I decided it was time to purchase your product. Wow, what a difference. I went into my interview at Chatham with more confidence than ever because I was better prepared. Those mock interviews are worth every penny! I have recommended you to a few of my friends who are also trying to get in.

Thanks again Dave, you are the man!!

—Peter K.

Dear Dave Dubose,

I probably have watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that you have produced. I also purchased the mock interviews, and the transcripts to go with them, and I would study them before my interviews, and on my flights to my interviews, and in the motel the night before my interviews.

I have been accepted to two schools, and i’m waiting to hear back from GWU in D.C.
Thank you so much Dave, your advice was key to landing me a spot in “my opinion” which is the best program in the nation.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, I hope you have a blessed day Dave Dubose.

Thank you for helping me achieve my dream.

Sincerely,— Jace C

Not sure if you got my last message Dave but I just want to truly Thank You for the youtube videos. I watched those videos numerous times and followed the advice to a T. Because of your tips I had a great narrative. I also purchased the interviews and listened to them over and over so I would be prepared for every possible question they would ask.Because of you, I ACED my interview. I went for an Interview on a Friday and got a call back on the following Tuesday to my top choice school UAB. So guys keep pushing because if its for you it will happen!!”

–L. Franks


I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! This past weekend I had a PA school interview and did not know how to prepare for it at all. I was so nervous. I seeked all kinds of help, and finally resorted to youtube where I came across your videos. After watching each and every one of them and purchasing your mock interviews, I was able to go into my interview and ACE it! I couldn’t have done it without you! Your questions helped make me think critically and your tips gave me the confidence I needed! I’m happy to say that I heard back this afternoon and I was accepted! Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream! Don’t ever stop what you do! God bless you!

-L. Davenport

“Awesome! The Mock interviews helped out so much! They are so good to practice with. People say, “why do you take it so seriously?” I hate that question! This is our future, we must take it seriously! Coach, your products are amazing. The next one in line for me is the one on one interview! God bless everyone!!”

–Ryan A.

Dear future P. A.,

You know what?

Narrative essays, Letters of recommendation, GPA, and GRE scores are all viable and important components of the P.A. School application process.

But guess what levels the playing field?... Guess what makes you equal to that person who may be better on paper than you.. OR worse on paper than you?

You guessed it.. its the "P. A. School Interview"

You see, when you sit in front of the admissions committee.... It's time for you to shine, it's time for you to sell yourself and the one thing you don't want to do is to blow this opportunity and blow this BIG chance...

What can you do to better prepare yourself for this opportunity?

Watch the video above, understand the power of these REAL "Mock" interviews and press the order button right now and let's get you into PA School ASAP !

Yes Dave, I Want To Hear These Private "Mock" Interviews for Myself

  • I understand that as soon as I purchase "Physician Assistant School Interview", I will get instant access to three interviews with real Personal Coaching Students, showing me exactly how they "Aced" the PA School interview, and how I can too.
  • I also understand that there is no risk to me - I am free to try out the strategies inside these 3 interviews for a full 60 days, and at anytime within 60 days if I feel this is not for me, I can request a full unconditional money back refund... NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  • I also understand that I am getting the exact insider information to get ahead of the stiff competition so that I may secure my spot in P. A. School just like the 3 students did!!

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